About Us

Welcome to TERRAbacio Salon Spa, the only AVEDA LIFESTYLE salon and day spa in north Alabama with two current locations for your convenience. We are a team of highly trained, expertly skilled professionals enthusiastically specializing in cuts, color, designing and personal enhancement, and relaxation and wellness techniques. We have a wonderful trusting and friendly relationship with you, our guest, as well as with each other, based on mutual respect and genuine caring. While each of us desires to rise to our full potential, we know that it will occur easier by working as a team toward a shared and mutual goal…EXCELLENCE.

To achieve excellence, we believe in continuous education and training. We spend many hours learning and growing to assure ourselves that you, our guest, will receive the finest in services. Our uniqueness comes from our total concept of fulfilling our guest’s appearance, fashion, relaxation and lifestyle needs.

Our mission at TERRAbacio Salon Spa is to provide an atmosphere consisting of modern comfort with a high level of service, talent and touch, all the while focusing on your inner and outer well being. Those are our primary concerns.